About PhotographyComp.

PhotographyComp has been set up to help other photographers find photography competitions around the world. Some of them will be really obvious as they are extremely well publicised events, while others you may not know about. You will also find links and RSS feeds (at the bottom of the sidebar) for some of the other photography competition blogs that I’ve found useful in the past when searching for competitions to enter. Please take the time to look around and hopefully I’ll see you on stage one day for an award ceremony!

Sometimes I know that I can find it hard to get inspiration to go out and take some photo’s. Mixed in with the photography competitions are links to other inspirational stories and photo’s which are definitely worth checking out.

Just so you know who I am… My name is Scott and I’m currently studying at university for an internet communications degree and I’m also a very keen amateur photographer living in Sydney, Australia. You can also follow PhotographyComp on Twitter to have the most up to date information on photography competitions, Flickr to see what photo’s I’ve added, Delicious for more inspiration and competition links and Friendfeed to see everything mixed up together!.

Happy photography,




One response to “About PhotographyComp.

  1. Hi There,

    I noticed you’ve linked to our site and are placing a couple of the competitions from there too, thank you.

    I’d be happy for you to use our feed, which can be used to populate your site automatically with the very latest contests.

    Please let me know your thoughts on this.

    Kind Regards

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