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Here are a few new photography competitions from flickr for you to take a look at.

The first is from the flickr group ddn.
Theme: Choose a Room

This competition will run until 30 November and is open to entries from today onwards, giving a full 6 weeks to come up with an entry or two 🙂 Check the rules in the competitions forum.

Another from ddn

Theme: Autumn

This competition will run until 31 December.

From Foto Competition

Get your photo’s voted on by other members of Flickr. No time frame for these competitions and no prizes but with only four entries per compeition you have a good chance of being awarded some brownie ponts!

Check out Portrait Classics if you have an interest in portrait photography. No current competitions until December 6.

For the British Photographers

Take a look at the British Photographers Group to have a look at their november competition the theme is rough/smooth.

All the best, more competitions coming soon!


P.S. don’t forget to check out my Twitter feed or my friendfeed for more competitions and my delicious bookmarks for some good inspiration.

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