Miscellaneous photography competitions

Here are a few miscellaneous photography competitions which may be of interest some some of the budding photographers out there.

Once again please remember to check the Terms and Conditions on the respective website to be sure you are eligible to enter and requirements etc.

Photoenter is a site which has weekly photography competitions, checking the terms and conditions shows that there may be some competitions which they charge for, but the two viewers vote competitions are free. This may be a good starter as there appear to be few votes for the winning entries. First place for each section is awarded $50.

This one is not really a photography contest, but well worth the visit if you are thinking about gear… Scott Bourne from photofocus is giving away quite a few nice bits of kit. Check out the blog post using the link above and enter. Once again, don’t forget to check the T’s and C’s

More to come regarding competitions from Sony later today.

All the best,


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